Saturday, June 6, 2015

2015 Books 1-7

An  Irish Country Doctor
An Irish Country Village
An Irish Country Girl
An Irish Country Courtship
A Dublin Student Doctor
An Irish Country Wedding
Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor
by Patrick Taylor

This is a series of books about the life of an Irish country doctor.  They are fictional but all based in truth.  The author, Patrick Taylor, was an Irish country doctor, from Bangor, who now lives in Canada.  I think he has written 10 books in the series, so far, but I have only read seven of them.  I'm keeping my eye out at the book sales for the other three.
I found these books very interesting because in the early seventies I lived in Belfast, N. Ireland for a couple of years.  The stories take place, mostly, in a fictitious village, just outside Belfast, called Ballybucklebo.  Many of the places mentioned in the books are very familiar to me, as well as the Irish way of life, as the main parts of the books take place in the sixties.
Fingal O'Reilly is the main character in the books and they cover from when he was a student doctor in Dublin through to him taking on a junior partner many years later in Ballybucklebo.

These books are very light reads and would be good summer reads.  Even more interesting if you are familiar with N. Ireland.

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  1. They sound interesting, not been to Belfast, just landed at the airport on our way to Donegal. That's a lot of reading!! ;-D