Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beautiful Orchid

I changed the picture in my header.
I received this beautiful orchid as a Christmas present. It is absolutely gorgeous and has more than 20 flowers on it. It started out with four leaves but it is down to one now. I think I may have messed up . I was listening to a gardening show on the radio shortly after Christmas and they were saying that if you received an orchid and it is in moss take it out . So I took all the moss out and I was sure that they said to replace it with rock, so I did. Of course, now I'm thinking how will it retain water for the roots in rocks? I think that is why I've lost three of the leaves. I've only just lost one flower so that is pretty good as it's six weeks since Christmas. I think I need to get some wood chips and replace most of the rocks with that. Hopefully it doesn't die on me!!

Bye for now.

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