Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh No!!!

Last night it rained/snowed a little and then, of course, it froze.  This morning the roads and sidewalks were like glass, sheer ice.  Lots of accidents and slip and falls.
I opened Facebook and this is the first thing I saw.
DIL2 left for work this morning, in the dark, before 6a.m.  She got to the end of the block and slipped on the ice and this is the result, a broken wrist.  Fortunately there were other people about and they helped her up and she went back home, got hubby out of bed and off they went to the hospital.  Fortunately, it was a clean break so no pins or plates needed.  She's in a cast for 6 week and, unfortunately, it's her dominant hand and she can't drive.

My sister did exactly the same thing about 6 weeks ago.  She waited a few days before she went to the hospital because she thought she had just sprained/bruised it.  Er,no!!  She has been in a cast for the last 6 weeks and it was her dominant hand and she couldn't drive either.  She said the not driving was the worst part for her.  

By this afternoon it was nice and sunny and no ice in sight!!

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