Saturday, December 31, 2016

Just a Little Snow

We have just a little snow, as you can see on the bird house above!

We had a great Christmas with lots of friends and family.  We had a house full on Christmas Eve and then went to good friends on Christmas Day and other friends on Boxing Day.
Had to go to the mall the next day to spend my gift cards at the Pandora store!!
DS2 was supposed to go to London, England on a flight this weekend but it was changed to Brisbane, Australia with a 50 hour layover.  He face timed us this morning.  He had already slept through the New Year's celebrations-he couldn't stay awake after the 15 hour flight.  He was having breakfast and it was already 34C at 10 a.m. When he gets back he will be on holiday until March and will be skiing in Utah the whole time.   What a tough life he has!!!!! 
We will be having DS3 and family for dinner tomorrow and then that will be the end of the holiday celebrations.  Those that have to will be going back to work or school and I will be spending a few days taking down the tree and putting away all the christmas decorations
It's all over for another year!!


  1. A 50 hour lay over is huge! And he has a huge break too when he gets home. I have already put away all the Xmas decorations! Hope your's doesn't take too long to pack up.

  2. I am a little jealous as we havent had even a single snowflake but they say we might get some this week so fingers crossed we do!

  3. The snow looks beautiful, we haven't had any in our area of the UK yet. I suppose I should think us lucky as everything grinds to a halt immediately we do!