Monday, March 13, 2017


Well, I've been to so many blogs that have posted pictures of all their flowers coming up and they are planting seeds so I thought I would show you my garden too!
Now you may have to use your imagination a little but everything is there, we just can't quite see it yet!!

 First of all this is my raspberry patch that will be loaded with berries before you know it!
 This is the front of the house.  Under both windows are thick, dense orange tiger lilies and the two bushes on either end are golden elders.  Oh, the snow on the lawn is about 4 feet deep.

 This is at the side of the house.  At the far end is a huge clup of mauve irises and at this end are white irises.
 Still at the side, this bed has deep purple irises and lots of tulips.
 This bed is on the other side and has yellow, pink and red roses and a huge white peony.
 Beside the shed is the half barrel with my rhubarb.

As you can see, when the snow is all gone (maybe the end of May) I'm ready to start planting into all my pots.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my garden as much as I enjoyed seeing all of yours!!!! lol


  1. Do show some more pictures after the snow has gone.

  2. My grandchildren want to know when they can come and visit!

  3. Wow, so much snow still! I've been down to a t shirt this week while I've been in the garden! I bet my girls would love the snow though!

  4. Omgosh, glad you have the snow and not me, is that a mean thing to say? sorry.
    But I hate it and it certainly would not help the palm trees in Southend! There are a lot of places south that grown palm trees in UK.. Some with dates altho' I don't think they ripen.

  5. You have the poetic soul of a gardener and can see your garden sleeping under the snow.

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