Saturday, July 15, 2023

A new adventure!!


As I'm sure everyone knows, the movie industry in N. America has virtually shut down because of the writers, and now actors, going on strike.  GD#2, Annika, had just finished a 3 months stint on a movie, can't remember which one, and there is nothing coming up at the moment. Not being one to sit around and do nothing she applied to work as a Wildfire Paramedic.  As soon as they got her resume they offered her a position. She is in northern Alberta near High Level. Two weeks in and then one week out.  They are well aware that if a movie deal comes up that is her priority.  They are good with that, just happy to have her!!

They gave her a new 4 wheel drive vehicle and she had to drive herself to High Level which is just over 1,000km north of  here. When she got there she went on her first helicopter ride to travel 350km to Woodland Lake where the heart of the fires are. She said the helicopter ride was a real eye opening experience to see the sheer size of the fire they're fighting!


  1. Annika is quite a girl!! You must be very proud of her.

  2. Good for her, that can't be an easy job. The second photo of the burnt out forest is devastating. Thank you for sharing.