Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Our usual spring storms

Since last Tuesday evening we have had six straight days that it snowed ALL THE TIME!! Enough, enough, enough!!  It didn't snow yesterday so we went out and got a few groceries. We had a skiff of snow over night and now it is bright sunshine but still cold.  We are suposed to get +1C for the next 3 days and then back to the minuses and more snow.  We have had over 65cm of snow so far.

We did get some great news last Friday. Garry will have his hip replacement surgery on May 2nd! That took 6months from the referrel to the surgery.  Much better than the 2 years it took for me to get my knee replacement! He/we can't wait for it to happen.  He is in a lot of pain right now and only getting worse as time goes on.

GD Annika is working on The Abandons, a Western action drama series that is being filmed here.  She is the head lead paramedic. She is really enjoying it but it is very long days.

And just a few pictures to end on a happy note!!

Walker, 18months old!


  1. Your little Walker is adorable! And obviously from the photos, a whole lot of fun too. :)
    Good luck to your Garry with his hip replacement surgery. I hope, once he recovers, the pain is gone.
    Finally, boo snow! We're supposed to get some on Thursday.

    1. Walker is adorable but he is on the go all the time and I'm exhausted after a visit,lol. We have bright sunshine right now but it is supposed to snow again tomorrow.

  2. Walker is such a cutie. Good luck to Gary with his hip replacement. I am sure he will be very happy to be pain free.

    Just like Maebeme we are supposed to get snow Thursday and then again on Friday (just when our son will be coming home for Easter).

    God bless.

    1. Garry will be so glad to get the surgery over with. He is concerned about his age (88) but the surgeon said that other than his hip he is in such good health that he has no concerns, so that is a relief.