Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I have the strangest amaryllis plant.  I bought it after New Years, 50% off at the grocery store, paid $4.50.  Before I planted it I thought I would do a little reading up on it.  I read that first I would get lush green leaves and then the flower stalk.

 This is what I got.  This beautiful cluster of 4 blooms.

 As you can see. I didn't get any beautiful, lush, green leaves.  The flowers died back and the info I had said to cut off the dead blooms, but leave the stem.  I left the stem until it turned brown, shrivelled and just fell off.
 This is what happened next.  Another flower stem, it's 17" tall.

 The three leaves to the left are the same ones that have been there right from the beginning.  The tallest one is 3".

 Looks like I will be getting more blooms, but no leaves.  Strange!
It certainly isn't in ideal growing conditions.  It's in a plastic pot, with no drainage holes (it came in the kit).  Our house faces north so it isn't getting much light.  Oh well, no leaves, but the flowers are beautiful!

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