Saturday, September 1, 2007

End of Summer Holidays

This is the last weekend before it's back to work on Tuesday. It was sure nice having the last 9 weeks off.
Had to go into school last Wednesday for meetings. Our program has only just moved to this school for the coming school year. As of Wednesday they had only just started the construction required to get the rooms ready. They promise it will all be ready by Tuesday-we'll see!!!

How do you like my upside down tomato plant. It's really neat. I've got quite a few tomatoes on it, they just need to do quite a bit of ripening. These are my flowers on the deck. They are a little bedraggled and wild looking.
This is the last of the roses. They'll probably all be gone by next week.

I went to the garden centre today. I wanted to get a heather plant and English Lavender. I was told that neither do well here in zone 3. My aunt has heather in her yard so I know it will grow here, I just have to find it. They didn't have any lavender either for the same reason. They did have a plant called Sea Lavender. I've never heard of it. The picture looked like regular lavender and it said zone 3 so I bought it. I''ll find out next spring if it survived the winter.

I've been busy this last week trying to get things organized for opening my etsy store. I got all the banking part figured out. I'm in the middle of opening the Paypal acct. My husband just came up with the name for the store - Kinderstitches. Kinder as in kindergarten. I'll be putting in mostly knitted stuff for kids, but I also hope to do other stuff in the sewing line too. I still have to take pictures of all the sweaters I've been making and figure out my little blurb so it'll be a few more days yet.

Many thanks to Gill of Lucy Locket for telling me how to move the pictures around. So easy when you know how!!!
Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!!!


  1. Hi Jan good luck with your selling.....I grow lavender in a huge tub in my garden,it smells wonderful and attracts the butterflies.
    Kat x

  2. I love the upside down tomato plant, I've never seen one before.
    Is it a special type of plant or can you do it with any Tomato plant and also how!
    Sorry for all the questions.
    Racheal x

  3. hope your new venture goes really well and i think the name is perfect !!

    Sara x

  4. Good luck with your Etsy store, I'll come for a browse once you've opened for business. Lovely pics esp. the tomato plant. I'm glad I was able to help with moving the pics around, I'm no expert and am still learning myself but it's good to be able to share what we know.
    Thanks for visiting!