Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Good,The Bad and The Ugly!

This is the harvest so far.  Two cherry tomatoes!!!
There are lots of tomatoes on the plants, just a long way from being ready. 
I planted a total of 16 zucchini seeds and this is the result.  Pathetic.  I should be picking them by now.  Instead I'll be pulling this lonely little plant and putting it in the compost bin.
The green and yellow beans are doing really well and I'll be picking them in a fw days.
 Romaine lettuce is doing really well.
 More beans.
 These are the very sad pattypan squash.  They did really well.  Lots of flowers which all shrivelled up and died.
 I cut this clematis down to about 12 inches at the beginning of May and now it's about 10 feet tall and covered in flowers.
 Made some very delicious cheese and Italian spice scones today.  This is my moms recipe via my sister.  They were so good hot from the oven.
We have had so many days in the low to mid 30sC  that I think a lot of the plants suffered because of it.  


  1. Once toms start turning they all start. I have two large bowls now.

  2. Hopefully I'll have ripe ones soon. I did notice that the tomatoes on one plant have blossom end rot! Very annoying.

  3. I remember the garden going from no ripe tomatoes to what seemed like the next day they were all ready ! We were sick of tomatoes by the end of the summer :)
    No matter what we had to eat, tomato was one of the ingredients .

  4. I love your clematis and hope the one I planted two weeks ago (12 inches tall) will be as gorgeous.

    1. Mine thrives on total neglect. It faces south, the roots are sheltered (they like that) and I never water it. I wish all plants would grow like that!!

  5. Your garden is certainly doing well, we are hoping to get something established at the cottage next year.