Sunday, February 17, 2008


It's been a while, but it seems that the weather has been really crappy all along. For me, really crappy is when it is cold and then it warms up with a chinook. That means a migraine!!! I had a MAJOR one on Thursday and Friday. Then the weather got colder and the headache goes away. But the forcast is for it to warm up again this week so my head will probably be pounding again.

On to better things.

I got these beautiful flowers from DH for Valentines. We also went out for supper to a rib joint. So good!!!
Friday night we went to Riverdance. I've wanted to go for years it seems. We got the tickets for Christmas. It was really good. I think it has changed a little from the original show. There seems to be a lot more singing and instrumental parts in it. I really enjoyed one part where the Irish dancers had gone to America. They meet some street tap dancers and it is like dueling banjo's. Incredible!!!
Has anyone read the new Nora Roberts book, Blood Brothers? It is the first book in a trilogy. It is quite a departure from her usual style. I really enjoyed it and am anxious to read the nest book. It's about stuff that happens every 7 years after 3 ten year old boys go into the woods to visit a Pagan Stone. Scary stuff. I highly recommend it for some easy reading.Tomorrow is Family Day, a provincial holiday here. Makes for a nice long weekend. #2 son is coming to town for a visit. Not sure how long he will stay. Usually just a few days and then he has to go back to work (for an airline).
Bye for now.