Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Back yard

Peonies-3 days ago

Before any flowers came out I counted over 120 buds.  About half are in bloom now but we have had a couple of days strong winds so they are bowing down quite a bit now.

Rogue daisies.  I pull them out every year, and every year they manage to come back somewhere else.  Where they are now isn't a bad spot so I might let them stay!

Pansies that come up every year but I didn't plant them.  Seeds must have blown in from somewhere.

This is the deck at the back of the sunroom. Hanging pots of petunias and geraniums, alyssum, million bells and other stuff.

Another view of the deck.  Garry calls it my retreat.  It's very private.

 Other side of deck with BBQ, more hanging pots and pots of petunias and lobelia and alyssum.To the left is the patio with table and chairs and a raised bed with tomato plants, green and yellow beans and zucchini.  I've replanted the zucchini as they didn't come up and the second set isn't up yet either.

 This basket is so full.  It's all petunias, purple with white spots.

 This is all pansies and is really full.  Very pretty.

 Lilies coming up. hosta and  can't remember the name of the little pink ones. 

 More lilies coming up. another hosta ,pink groundcover and crocus that didn't flower this year.

Big clump of irises and chives beside them.

It has been so windy, but it doesn't feel as hot with the wind.  We have been in the mid to high 20's.  Yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona and Vegas Nevada it was 49C and in Yuma Arizona it was 50C!!!  I can't imagine being in that kind of heat and lots of people there don't have air conditioning!
Will have to take more pictures when more things flower.
Bye for now.