Monday, July 13, 2015

Cooper Benjamin

This is eldest GD,s new baby. He is 7 weeks and 2 days old and is a Golden Retriever/Doodle.  He came for a visit today and was very well behaved.  He went to the bathroom outside, played and slept.  He's soooooooo cute!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Backyard update

 These flowers are not from my garden, they are a beautiful bouquet that my sister sent to our aunt.
 These are my hanging baskets sitting in basins getting a good drink.  It is so hot that they dry out really fast.

 This is all that is left of the blueberry bush.  I cut it back this morning, ready to be dug out.  There were no signs of any flowers and I should have been getting berries by now.  I couldn't budge it, but hopefully DH will be able to dig it out.  
There were also lots of daisies here as well.  They are now all in the green bin.  They spread like crazy and were even coming up in the lawn.
I don't know what I'll put in this corner as it is quite shady.  The shed (white) faces north and the fence faces east.The tiger lilies like this corner as they are coming up in between the fence and the raised bed in the rocks.  I don't want those either because I have lots in the front yard.
The green in the lower left corner are onions, in a half barrel, that I grew from seed last year and left in over winter.. I was amazed that they survived but they did!

 The pink roses are doing really well.
 I love these red roses.  The picture doesn't do them justice, they are a very deep red.

 The yellow roses are just about finished.  There were several hundred on the bush but last such a short time.
 The pots and planters have all filled in nicely.

 The lilies have just started to flower in the last few days.  Although they are beautiful I am quite disappointed with them.  When I planted them 2 years ago I had pale orange, deep orange, white, deep burgundy and yellow.  I got them as cuttings from a friend so I know that the colours were there at that time.  Now they are all pale or deep orange.  I googled this and apparently this is quite common that the colours will revert to orange!

 The peonies were beautiful for a few days and there were over 75 blooms.  Unfortunately we had two thunderstorms with heavy, heavy rain and the peonies were trashed and there are only a few bedraggled blooms left.

The weather is supposed to cool off this coming week, so hopefully we'll get the blueberry bush out and a few other outside jobs done without sweating to death!!

Bye for now.