Wednesday, June 21, 2023



The deer are on the neighbours lawn across the street from our house. It is the corner house on a 10 house cul-de-sac. The white house at the top of the picture is where the deer lived for many, many years. They lived in the back yard and would come and go as they pleased, they just had to jump over the 4' chain link fence. 
It was an elderly lady who lived in the house.  She sold up and moved about 2 months ago and moved into a seniors residence.  The house was sold and the work began. The house is approx. 60 years old and everything in it was original.  Lots of tearing out of old carpets, painting, refurbishing the kitchen and bathrooms and much more.  The first thing that happened though was a new fence.  It is 6' high and made of wood. The deer came out one morning and lay on other neighbours lawns watching.  They soon found out they couldn't get back into the back yard and so they had to move on-to where no one knows!!
The new owner said that the back yard was several feet deep in deer poop!!! He had to bring in a bobcat and spent several days digging it all out. A nasty job-to say the least, although the soil underneath is well fertilized and should help the new lawn that was laid. 
It will be strange not to see the deer around here, maaybe they found a new home close by!