Sunday, July 12, 2020

Before and After Take 2

Peonies  this time last year. 

Peonies this year after one too many heavy rain storms.

Clematis this time last year.

Clematis this year!

Blueberry bushes two years ago when I planted 5 of them.

Blueberry patch this year, all five did not survive over winter.  All pulled out.

 The garden is having a tough time so far this year!!!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Now you see it.....

This is our 40+ year old cottoneaster hedge.
All the dark areas are infested with oyster shell scale.  It's throughout the city.  We've been fighting it for three years but we had to do the only fix that would work.

And now it's all gone!  Because we've had so much rain the eggs haven't hatched yet so we did this just in time.  A couple of our neighbours cut theirs down a couple of weeks ago and they have new growth already.  By this time next year it will probably be a couple of feet high.  It will be easier to shovel the snow this coming winter!!