Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is Here

Summers gone and it's already Fall and the temperatures here have been record breaking. We have had 32-34 degrees C. These temps. are record breaking, after all, this is Canada!!!

Some pictures of the flowers in my garden. This chrysanthemum must have over 300 flowers on it.

Summer was way too short. We managed to get away for a couple of weeks. We went to Spokane and Seattle. We went to Pike's Market. Loved it, but it was so hot - 103 degrees F. Way too hot for my liking.

Rows and rows of fresh fruit and vegetables.

HUGE lobster tails and shrimp.
Beautiful flowers.
We went to B.C. and stayed in Kelowna where we visited my sister and her family and we have friends there too.
These pictures were taken at one of the many wineries in Kelowna.

Scored a great load of fabric while in Kelowna. A friend of friends had fabric that she wanted to give away to a good home. Her mother, who had recently passed away, was an avid sewer and had one hell of a stash. I was invited over to 'help myself'. I couldn't believe the amount of fabric that this lady had. There were bags and bags and bags of it. The daughter kept saying don't bother looking through the bags, just take the whole bag. If I had to guess, there was enough fabric to fill 50 green garbage bags. I would have needed a U-Haul to take it all. I probably took enough to fill 3-4 green garbage bags. We didn't have room in the van for any more. She said if I come back next year to give her a call as she probably would still have the rest of it in storage.

I got some really nice wool, ultrasuede, lots of suiting, flannel, velvet, velour and lots more.

We had to go back to school early this year. It's been a long time since we went back before Labour Day. We had to go back August 26 because our city was hosting the World Skills Competitions. This would give students an opportunity to go on field trips to see the competitions. It sure seemed to shorten the summer though.

Bye for now.