Thursday, April 23, 2009


These are the books I've read so far this year.

Don't Wake Me At Doyles by Maura Murphy

This is Maura Murphy's memoir. I had a hard time getting into it because she was jumping all over the place and it was a little difficult keeping track of the chronology of the story. It did get better and reminded me a little of Angelas Ashes by Frank McCourt. There were similarities in the story but McCourt is a much better story teller.

The Survivor by Dinah McCall

I enjoyed this story. It was about a plane that goes down in the Appalachians. There are 3 survivors and this is the story of their rescue. They are not all together though and one of them is a murderer. It's a page turner.

Susannah's Garden by Debbie Macomber
I've enjoyed all of Debbie Macombers books and this is no exception. It's light reading, about a woman who has to deal with her young daughter and some of the decisions she makes, and her elderly mother who she has to put into a retirement centre. She then has the difficult job of going through the contents of her parents house and finding out the truth about things that happened in her youth,

The Very Thought of You by Lynn Kurland

I really enjoyed this book. It's about a very successful businessman in the world of corporate takeovers-but not happiness. At the family 'Keep' in Scotland he finds a pirate map that sends him on a journey that takes him back in time to Medieval England where he is captured by a knight in shining armor!! Then it gets interesting.

The Alibi Man by Tami Hoag

This is about Elena Estes a former undercover cop who is working as a horse trainer. She discovers a friends body, murdered and dumped in a canal. She, of course, gets drawn into trying to discover who killed her and gets to see the bad side of the Palm Beach bad boys. Among them is her former fiance. This was a good read.

Light of the Moon by Luanne Rice
This was another good read. It's about a young woman who decided on the eve of her birthday to take a break from the demands of her life. She travels from Connecticut to the French Camargue. Her late mother had told her magical stories about the famous white horses and finds a mysterious 'saint' linked to her family's history.

Queen of the Mersey by Maureen Lee

I really like Maureen Lees books. They bring back a lot of memories just by some of the expresions used. This book starts out in Liverpool in 1939. We follow the life of Queenie who is abandoned by her mother at the age of 14, and the war is just breaking out. She is evacuated to a little village in Wales where her life changes forever. The book then follows her life for the next 35 years. I really enjoyed this book.
That's it for now.


Yesterday, at noon DH took Sam for a walk and ran into these new neighbours 2 blocks from home.
I got home from work at 3pm and this is what I saw.
What a difference a few hours make!!
Bye for now!!