Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Market

We (my husband, 2 friends and myself) went to the Christmas Market at Spruce Meadows yesterday. Anybody that is into show jumping is probably familiar with Spruce Meadows. It is a world class show jumping facility. Anyway, they now put on a Christmas Market every year. It is probably the best one in the area. There are over 200 vendors and several international ones.
They have everything from bread, cheese, fudge, chocolates to wood carvers, quilters, cutlery, tons of jewellery, pottery, and booths from several countries. There was Russia, Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, Holland. Lots of entertainment, ice carving outside lots to eat and fire pits to sit around. The weather was so nice, you could have been there in shirt sleeves.

I bought a couple of pieces of pottery. Just 2 small bowls that are very similar to the pottery I already have. I bought some focaccia bread and my husband bought some really nice deerskin gloves. I didn't know that deer skin is washable.

I made seafood lasagna for supper tonight. We had the focaccia bread and ceasar salad and then pecan,cranberry pie with whipped cream. Delicious. Son number one, DIL and GD came over. The GD brought the boyfriend for the first time (for grandpa's approval). He seems like a very nice boy. The good thing is that he doesn't drive so GD has to pick him up at the train station and drop him off there at the end of the evening. Grandpa likes that!! GD got her drivers license 2 weeks ago (first try) and is very proud of herself. She is driving her dad's big Avalanche truck. Queen of the road!! Actually she is a very good driver. As grandpa said, he's not worried about her driving, it's the other idiots out there on the street he is worried about.

I have a mountain of dish clothes knitted now. I thought I would offer them for sale here if there is any interest. They are 100% cotton and I have used them for years, (not these same ones, but ones just like them). I think I would sell them 2 for $8.00 and include a pot scrubber as well. The pot scrubbers are made from 100% nylon tulle. We could figure out the postage, it shouldn't be too much as they are pretty light.

Not a very good picture of the pot scrubbers, but that's the best I could do today!
I think that's about it for today. Bye for now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dish/Face Cloths

When I can't be bothered getting organized to start a new project or doing the million and one other things I should be working on I knit dishcloths. That's what I've been doing all week. I've got another cold and cough and no motivation to do much of anything so I knit dishcloths. I think I've knitted about a dozen this week. Been watching all the mindless TV-Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Loser, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes etc.

Hopefully I'll feel better soon and get busy doing something. Meanwhile I'm making a big pot of Turkey Soup, reading blogs and knitting dishcloths.

See you soon. Bye for now.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Time Flies!!!

Where does the time go? I read other people's blogs every day but it takes me 2 weeks to put a post on my own blog. I don't get it. I keep thinking I have nothing interesting to say so I'll wait until tomorrow...and of course it's the same thing everyday. Everyone else always seems to have interesting stuff to talk about.

Okay, lets give this some thought,hmm.... What have I done in the last 2 weeks? I finished the sweater I started for my BFF to give to her coworker. I knitted the sweater and there was still some yarn left so I managed to get a hat, mittens and then a scarf until the yarn was all gone. I even took a picture!

I hope it's okay and what they wanted.
In the last 2 weeks we've had snow 3 times (one being last night). I guess winter is here. Halloween night was really nice though. Probably the warmest we've had in years. Even so, we only had 19 kids and there were no little ones. I think the youngest was about 9 or 10 and the rest were teenagers. I think most people take their kids to the mall or to the community centres for parties. I think that's a much better idea, and so much safer.
I've been finishing off some more vests for kids. I'm not having any luck with etsy so I might take them to a store in town that carries stuff made by many artisans in this area. I might have better luck there. They do carry kids sweaters but I haven;'t seen anything like the stuff I make. That's a good thing.
Work has been crazy, as usual. Half of the kids have colds, and consequently just about all the staff have colds, myself included. This is the second cold I've had since school started in September! It's a winning combination when you work with kids that have colds and don't know how to blow there noses, cough, they are getting new teeth, consequently lots of drool, not toilet trained so poopy pants. Oh boy. October 2010 (my retirement date) is looking pretty good!!
Glad to see that 'Miles Away from Home' blog is up and running again. In fact she has tagged me. I have to come up with 7 random things about myself. I think I'm going to leave that 'til next time so I can think about it and hopefully come up with 7 things worth reading.
See you next time. Bye for now.