Monday, December 31, 2018

Where did the time go?

 I think I blinked and the time just flew by!  We were busy, busy, busy!! It was our wedding anniversary on the 22nd and we went out to one of our favourtite restaurants with friends. My side of the family got together at one of my brothers on the 23rd-17 of us with about a dozen missing!  On the 24th we had the kids and friends at our house-15 in all! Christmas day we went to friends, Boxing day out for Chinese food with family. 27th we went to BFF's for fondue! Phew!! 28th we had to go out and do a little restocking and finally on the 29th and 30th we got to stay home, by ourselves, and get some rest, do laundry, tidy the house, watch tv and eat leftovers!!
So with all that company and visiting others I managed to take virtually no pictures! 
We will be having 5 coming here for New Years dinner and then that's it for another year. I'll then be taking several days to take down the tree and decorations.
So from our house to your house we wish you a 
Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Saturday, December 1, 2018


He is the cutest little munchkin ever.  He was a little rescue dog that my GD got last year.  He was so timid and scrawny when she first got him.  He's turned into a cute, lovable, cuddly  little man!!  Look, he's smiling, he's so happy now!