Friday, August 10, 2018

Three meals a day!!

Isn't he beautiful!!  I was standing about 6 feet away from him. Too bad he's lost one of his antlers.  He came back to the crab apple tree across the street three times yesterday.  Hope he didn't get a stomach ache, or worse, after eating  all those apples!  Haven't seen him today, maybe he found some shade in this 40C heat.

Thursday, August 2, 2018


We did get a few minutes warning so we put all the hanging pots under cover.
 These are the size of golf balls!!
 Two holes in a patio table.
Just a small sample of the foliage from different plants and bushes.
This hail was after a few seconds!!

 Most of my tomatoes are sheltered, thank goodness!

These three pictures are the roof over our deck with three holes smashed through.

The hail actually took the door bell thing off our door and it ended up on the driveway. We have a thermometer, like a clock, on our garage, that was smashed.
After a terrible winter with so much snow and now with a summer full of hail storms, this is getting really tiresome, to say the least.
At least our vehicles were in the garage.  Our neighbour doesn't have a garage so her 2018 vehicle is now full of dents.
What next?!!!