Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring? Winter?

This is what I saw out of our dining room window on Thursday morning! We set a new record-23cm snow in one day-Yahoo! - NOT

My drive to work is usually 12-15 minutes . Thursday morning it took 11/2 hours!!
If that isn't weird enough , this is what it was like out the window Friday morning.
Today is really nice - 17degrees C. It's a constant dilema - do we put the snow shovel/blower away and get the lawn mower out or what.
I received a lovely parcel from son#2. He'd been in London and brought me a few treats. I absolutely love malt loaf. We can't get it here . We can get Bisto gravy powder but not gravy granules. The granules are much better.

The knitting project is still on the needles. I really should have finished it by now but I've got a terrible cold - again and a friend gave me a huge pile of magazines she'd finished with so I've been browsing through them.
Bye for now.