Monday, October 20, 2008

I Won, I Won, I Won!!!

Over the last few weeks I have won three giveaways.

The first was from all the way from Australia. I won week five of Nicoles 52 weeks of nose. It is a lovely tissue holder using Denyse Schmidt's new deco weight "County Fair". The linen tape has been hand stamped with little matryoshka's. I just love it.

The second giveaway was the 'runner up' prize from Ann-Margaret at Piece of Mind. I feel really bad because I can't find her blog. She is a fellow Canadian though from Montreal. I got a package of 'scraps' that had 27 different fabrics in it. It is a fabulous 'runner up' prize.

The third giveaway I won was from

I won a beautiful pair of earrings from Bella-Bijou Jewellery Jaime Pickering is the very talented and generous artist that made these beautiful earrings. They are to die for.

Friday, October 3, 2008


September has come and gone and before I knew it it was October.
Lots of things were going on in September. Started back to school. Of course it now feels like we were never away.

My BFF had her mother spend a few weeks with her. They came over for supper one night and she brought me a beautiful plant. It is an Anthurium. We saw them many years ago in Hawaii. They were known by a different name then, it referred to a part of the male anatomy. I'm sure anyone who is familiar with this plant knows the name.

I had my birthday in September and got a beautiful Pandora bracelet with 4 charms from my DH. I've since added 3 more charms. If you're not familiar with the Pandora bracelet here is a link. They are really beautiful.
I also received a bunch of glads and soaps from GD#1 and another gorgeous plant from my parents. This is quite an unusual plant. It's an Aloha Lily 'Leia' (child of heaven).
We also have another resident in our house. My parents have moved into a retirement community. Beautiful place, just like a 5 star hotel. They have the own their apartment but they go to the dining room for their meals. My mum loves that part. No more cooking! They have lots of activities that they can join in with or not. My dad also has given up driving which was a big thing for him. But they have a shuttle bus that will take them anywhere they want to go within about a 15km radius. Anyhow, they also had a dog that was becoming too much for my dad to walk. My mum uses a walker most of the time so she is in no shape to walk the dog. They live on the second floor so that meant a lot of trips up and down in one day for my dad. The deciding factor was one day he took Sam for a walk and my dad fell. He didn't hurt himself, he fell on grass, but he couldn't get up. Of course, nobody stopped to help him. Here's an elderly man with a little dog down on the ground outside a retirement centre. You'd think that people would realize there was a problem and stop and help, but no, they just all drove on by. My dad finally was able to get up but it really shook him up. He started thinking that he wouldn't be able to do this in the winter when there is snow and ice. So, that is when I got the call asking if I (we) would like to have Sam.
He's a really good dog, 7 years old and very well behaved. He's a lhasa apso shitzu. He's great company and he's getting us out walking him every day. That is a good thing.
Bye for now.