Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 days

I've heard this question so many times, but I'm going to say it anyway. Where has the summer gone? Only 4 more days and it's back to work. Hard to believe I've just had 9 weeks off. Wow.
Didn't really do anything exciting this summer. We decided we didn't want to go away anywhere, just stay home and do our own thing.
For my dh that means spending lots of time at the driving range and on the golf course.

For me it means spending lots of time in my garden.
I decided to dig out an entire flower bed (about 24x2) that had become overgrown with tiger lilies (they grow like weeds and are very invasive) daisies (same as for tiger lilies) and other perennials, not to mention grass and weeds. The only thing I left intact were my roses. It was a lot of work but looks a thousand times better. Have to say I needed lots of dh's muscle to get the tiger lilies out. The roots must go to China!

I bought a second blueberry bush as everyone I talked to said that you need 2 of them for pollination. Hopefully they will be as prolific as my raspberry bushes.This was the first dish of many dishes that have been picked in the last several weeks. I even made jam, first time in a few years. I made raspberry/blueberry. Very good. I had to buy the blueberries though.

This is something that I don't particularly like to see. Christmas stuff in Costco on July 24th. Can you believe that. 5 months before Christmas. We haven't even had half of the summer break.
We had a surprise visit from my sister and her family. I was cleaning out closets one day and the door bell rings and my sister, her husband and 2 kids are standing there. That was quite a surprise as I had been talking to her about a week or so before that and she didn't mention they were coming. They live in B.C. They were staying at her girlfriends and were in town for 5 days. We managed to get a couple of visits in while they were here.
Did everybody get their fill of the Olympics? We watched quite a bit. The opening ceremonies were quite impressive (even with all the controversy-lip syncing and computer animation etc.). We were looking pretty sad in the first week though with so many near misses for the medals.
I took several of my sweaters to a store called Galleria here in town. It is the largest independently owned retail arts and crafts store in Canada. I have been making some bracelets which I took to show them as well. The owner liked them and took all 6 that I took in. Everything is left on consignment so I will have to wait and see how things go. Fingers crossed!
We finally went and applied for our passports. We have been meaning to do this for quite a while and finally got around to it. It will make things a lot easier when going into the states.
I read quite a few books over the summer but I will leave those for another post.
Bye for now.