Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Market

We (my husband, 2 friends and myself) went to the Christmas Market at Spruce Meadows yesterday. Anybody that is into show jumping is probably familiar with Spruce Meadows. It is a world class show jumping facility. Anyway, they now put on a Christmas Market every year. It is probably the best one in the area. There are over 200 vendors and several international ones.
They have everything from bread, cheese, fudge, chocolates to wood carvers, quilters, cutlery, tons of jewellery, pottery, and booths from several countries. There was Russia, Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, Holland. Lots of entertainment, ice carving outside lots to eat and fire pits to sit around. The weather was so nice, you could have been there in shirt sleeves.

I bought a couple of pieces of pottery. Just 2 small bowls that are very similar to the pottery I already have. I bought some focaccia bread and my husband bought some really nice deerskin gloves. I didn't know that deer skin is washable.

I made seafood lasagna for supper tonight. We had the focaccia bread and ceasar salad and then pecan,cranberry pie with whipped cream. Delicious. Son number one, DIL and GD came over. The GD brought the boyfriend for the first time (for grandpa's approval). He seems like a very nice boy. The good thing is that he doesn't drive so GD has to pick him up at the train station and drop him off there at the end of the evening. Grandpa likes that!! GD got her drivers license 2 weeks ago (first try) and is very proud of herself. She is driving her dad's big Avalanche truck. Queen of the road!! Actually she is a very good driver. As grandpa said, he's not worried about her driving, it's the other idiots out there on the street he is worried about.

I have a mountain of dish clothes knitted now. I thought I would offer them for sale here if there is any interest. They are 100% cotton and I have used them for years, (not these same ones, but ones just like them). I think I would sell them 2 for $8.00 and include a pot scrubber as well. The pot scrubbers are made from 100% nylon tulle. We could figure out the postage, it shouldn't be too much as they are pretty light.

Not a very good picture of the pot scrubbers, but that's the best I could do today!
I think that's about it for today. Bye for now.


  1. Hi, You asked about the Mars delight, I've never eaten one so I can't say what it is like lol. Sorry.

    Racheal x

  2. HI BFF

    They had pottery - yahoo
    You had SEAFOOD lasgna - YUK, YUK, and more YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to ruin lasagna!

    Love the dish cloths - I want some! The question is can you make them to match my kitchen colours!

    I rescued a dog tonight. As I drove home I almost hit him - he ran out in front of me. You know me could leave him - a Sheltie sp???- so I followed him from almost an hour - up and down back alleys, crossing streets and he almost got hit two more times. Every time he crossed a street I would get out and stop the cars. he was so lost. I could not get him to come to me, he just keeped running away. I could tell he was someones pet because he was beautiful and healthy. Finally I bribe him with an old french fry from the floor of my car ( thank heavens I have not had time to clean it) and then he got into my car. What a nice dog. Noone had reported him lost and I because I could not find the owner and there were no tags I had to call animal services. They came and got him and agreed he was someone's lost pet. My two LOVED him. I am first on the adoption list if no one claims him. So you know who I will be calling!!!!!!!!!!!!