Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring? Winter?

This is what I saw out of our dining room window on Thursday morning! We set a new record-23cm snow in one day-Yahoo! - NOT

My drive to work is usually 12-15 minutes . Thursday morning it took 11/2 hours!!
If that isn't weird enough , this is what it was like out the window Friday morning.
Today is really nice - 17degrees C. It's a constant dilema - do we put the snow shovel/blower away and get the lawn mower out or what.
I received a lovely parcel from son#2. He'd been in London and brought me a few treats. I absolutely love malt loaf. We can't get it here . We can get Bisto gravy powder but not gravy granules. The granules are much better.

The knitting project is still on the needles. I really should have finished it by now but I've got a terrible cold - again and a friend gave me a huge pile of magazines she'd finished with so I've been browsing through them.
Bye for now.


  1. That looks almost exactly the same as my care packages to my Mum look! What a good son you have!

  2. My American family always want Bird's Custard Powder as well as Bisto. Do you have a, I think it's called, "Food Of All Nations" because you can get most of this stuff from them.