Monday, March 23, 2009


How many days are we into Spring and this is what we woke up to yesterday morning - 12"/30cm of the white stuff. Very wet and heavy. As if that isn't enough they are predicting the same amount again on Wednesday. We are very tired of all this stuff. We have had way too much of it this winter. It's very depressing checking out all the blogs around the world with all the beautiful flowers and green grass in their yards.

I have won several more giveaways over the last few months.

I received a beautiful wall hanging all the way from Sweden from Helena at I had it on my coffee table for a while and received many compliments on it. You should check Helena's blog out. She does some beautiful work.
I received a really cute crayon roll from Corinna at Hard to see in the picture but the crayon roll is made from the cutest dog fabric. She also included a colouring book, a really cute picture frame that holds lots of pictures in the back, cute pig tissues and some delicious chocolate. Go pay her a visit.

I received a beautiful lemon scented soy wax votive candle and matches from Jackie at She has opened a fabulous store called Dreams of France. She has some gorgeous stuff, go check it out.
I haven't done much on the crafty front. I finally finished a scarf, headband and fingerless mitts set for #1GD. She loved them. Not a great picture but I think you get the idea. If I was making the fingerless mitts again I would make the finger part shorter.
I think that's about it for this time.

Bye for now.

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  1. wow that is still lots of snow.........I am so pleased I never see it.......enjoy your pics but I can leave it behind.......lovely giveaway wins......