Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's three weeks into the summer holidays already. I've tried to do something constructive everyday. It might have been clean out a drawer, do the ironing, work in the yard, anything. I don't want to look back and say I didn't get anything done while I was off.

I got my hair cut today. Oh boy, is it short. It's probably 2 inches shorter than I asked for. I don't think I've had my hair this short since I was in nurses training. That's going back a lot of years!! Oh well, can't do much about it, I'll get use to it and it will grow. DH is not very keen, I have to say.

We've had a lot of rain so far this summer. It seems like if it's not raining it's really windy. I have to say the plants and flowers are doing really well, although they are a little behind.

I have won several giveaways that I haven't blogged about.

From 'One World One Heart 2009' I won a beautiful 10x10 print of an Hibiscus from Marti Hicks. I don't think the picture I took does it justice. The colour in the print is so bright and vivid. You can view some of her work here

I also won a gift certificate from Kristin Roach at Craft Leftovers which I spent on a fabulous set of stitch markers. They really are cool and really do the trick. Way better than the plain plastic rings I've been using for years. Visit one of her blogs here

Anything Indie is always having giveaways and I was lucky enough to win one, I got a cute little fox necklace from Ji Ji Kiki so cute!
A Legacy of Stitches had a fabulous giveaway. She was celebrating her first year blogaversary and having a giveaway every day for 8 days!! I won day 3 and what a fabulous prize. There were 23 fat-eighths of Mark Lipinski Katmandu Fabrics, Mary E journal and bookmark and a cute little gift bag. Check out her blog at
Bye for now.

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