Thursday, February 2, 2017


Not exactly one of my better looks!!!!
This all started out as what appeared to be a little paper cut on the outside of my left nostril.  This then became what I thought was a little pimple.  In the space of 4 weeks it got bigger and it was rock hard like there was a grain of rice under the skin.  
Because of Christmas etc I didn't get to my doctor until Dec. 28th.  I told her that I didn't want to wait (weeks?) to see a specialist I wanted her to cut if off that very day, so she did and sent it away for analysis.
It took 2 weeks for the results to come back and to my absolute shock it was skin cancer!! 
I was then referred to a specialist to have Mohs Microscopic Surgery.  So that is where I was yesterday!!
I get to take this lovely dressing off this afternoon, apply some special silicone ointment and put on a much smaller dressing.  I'm a little apprehensive to see the damage as they said the tumor went deeper than first thought. 
 We are trying to take a natural healing process for this.  I couldn't have stitches as there was no extra skin so stitches would have pulled my one nostril up and out of shape-lovely!!  This process takes more work and time but the scarring will hopefully be minimal.  I go back to see the specialist in a week.  If it is progressing as she feels it should then I just continue on with the same process.  If it hasn't progressed adequately then I will have to have a skin graft that they will take from in front of my ear-this will result in a bumpy scar on my nose.  We will have to wait and see.
Some of my shock at having skin cancer is that I DO NOT go out in the sun if I can help it.  I'm not a sun worshiper at all.  What I did learn though is that the sun damage that causes skin cancer. for the most part, happened before the age of 20.  Well, as I was born in 1951 I don't think there was any such thing as sunscreen back in those days.  I remember my mum putting Nivea cream on us so we wouldn't burn.  No sunscreen there.  
I think parents today are much more aware of the damage the sun can do and usually slather their children with sunscreen-thank goodness.
I am supposed to rest at home for 3 days, which is good because that's how long I have to put a similar dressing on.  After that, all being well, I don't have to put a dressing on,just the silicone cream.
So I hope to do some reading, which is what I was doing from 3 to 5 this morning.  Hard to turn the brain off so didn't get a very good sleep.  Will just take it one day at a time.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope things go well. It must have been quite a shock.

  2. Gosh what a shock. A good job you had it done asap. Fingers crossed you won't need a graft. Hugs x

  3. Well thank you for sharing this and a lesson to us all. I am sending you big get well soon wishes. Take care

  4. Hi there Jan, Thanks for popping by my blog. It was lovely to see you there and I hope the blue skies made you feel a little better after your op. I had a similar thing on my eyelid when I was in my 30s. I went to the doctor a couple of times and they brushed me off and treated me as though I was being vain worrying about this little pimple. I saw a locum doctor one day and they sent me to a specialist. He didn't like the look of it and I had it removed. The results showed it was skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma). They said they usually only appear much older people which I suppose explains why the original doctor brushed me off. Good news is that it never reappeared. It taught me a couple of lessons though....always follow my instincts and get a second opinion! I hope you don't mind me sharing this story. Big hugs and get well wishes from France. Maggie xx

  5. Hello Jan, This is my first visit to your blog. I just had to comment re the skin cancer as I had something similar about 20 years ago (gosh, can it really be such a long time ago?) I can still remember the shock and horror. Mine was in the gap between my nose and top lip, a big wedge of tissue and skin was removed. It took a while to heal, and I had a little further treatment to flatten the scar, but it settled down wonderfully. I hope yours does, too. Like you, I was born in the '50's and sun creams were very different from those of today. Best of luck with the healing process. Elaine

  6. Hi Jan

    I'm sorry to hear about your skin cancer. My Mom and Dad both have it too. We spent our formative years in Singapore and Malaysia and as you rightly identified, there was no such thing as sunscreen. So a huge thank you for sharing. I will be far more vigilant in the sun. Take very good care of yourself. Best wishes Corinne

  7. Get well soon. Sending best wishes that you have no further problems.

  8. Oh Janice, what a horrible shock. Thank goodness you insisted on something being done on the day you went. My friend had the same thing on her nose a couple of years ago. I don't see her very often so by the time we got together it was all over and done with and her nose had healed perfectly. If she hadn't told me about it I honestly wouldn't have noticed anything.

    I'm very squeamish so I wouldn't relish re-dressing the wound either - I hope it wasn't as bad as you imagined.

    I can clearly remember my Grandad putting olive oil on his skin when he was sunbathing. Makes me wince to even think about it.

    Take care of yourself and I hope the news is good when you return to see the specialist. xx

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have a family history of skin cancer; my great grandmother and two of my uncles (Mum's brothers). I hope your wound heals well and you don't need a skin graft.

  10. Oh bless your heart . I had something cut off the bridge of my nose years ago. It was a squamous cell. Never a problem since and scar faded fast.
    Since then I have had 3 other skin cancers in various places - none were melanoma. That was all I could think when the doc said I want to take a biopsy on this little spot ... One on each let - squamous cell .. then the basal cell on the back of my heel !! You never know where it will pop up .. that is a scary aspect of it.
    It is never too late though, use strong sunblock and avoid being out in the direct sun during the hours it is strongest. Don't rely heavily on sunblock .. in combination with shade and clothing , it is good.
    Don't worry .. you will be fine .

  11. Oh heck Jan! I'm just catching up on your blog! Scary stuff matey, be well. You'll be matching me with a scarred nose! Mine was skin cancer though, just a ruddy evil little shit of a dog who sank her teef in the end of it! One day I'll tell you the story! Remind me xx

  12. This is my first visit here. Wow. I had the same type of procedure done 18 months ago and it healed well. I have always liked hats, and now more than ever.Be well and enjoy that reading.

  13. Hello Janice, what a shock for you, but sounds as though your surgeon knows what's best for you. Keep healing and having those positive thoughts. Thank you for your comments on my blog, I meant to come and visit yours ages ago but tempis fugit..and thank you for the book reviews. I have read some of them so I think we have the same choice in books, so am looking up your latest ones as reads for me. I will have to wait to buy them as I decided not to buy in Lent, which is proving much harder than I thought!
    Be well and enjoy your reading.