Friday, December 15, 2017

Almost There!

Soooooo many dresses.  So far she has been to 9 different salons and there are two more to go.  Then that is it-she says,lol.
We went today and there were 2 dresses that she really liked.  If nothing shows up at the next two salons I think one of those two might be it!!
I won't post pictures of the two special ones, just a couple of the others she tried today.

 There are so many beautiful dresses but she pretty well has it narrowed down to the style she wants!


  1. What a special time. Moments to be cherished.

    1. It really is very special seeing her in these dresses and realizing she's actually getting married-my special grandbaby!!!!

  2. My youngest daughter only tried on 5 dresses in two shops. The owner of the second shop had just been to aa bridal fair and bought a new range. She literally took one out of a huge delivery box and unzipped the bag and helped my daughter into it. That was was the dress, costing an eye watering £1300! But she was happy.

  3. So far GD has tried on so many dresses I think they are all blending in together,lol. The prices have been between $1800-6000!!! The budget is on the lower end of centre so I don't think we have to worry about the $6000 one. The prices just blow my mind. $500 for a veil, $275 for a little rhinestone (glass) blingy belt. I'm sure the final tally for this wedding will be staggering. Could have easily been a downpayment for a house!!!

  4. I love the style of these dresses on your grand-daughter. She looks very elegant. The cost of a wedding is eye watering these days but if it's what they want to do then good for them. I bet she'll look stunning on the day. xx