Thursday, February 8, 2018

Best Guys Ever!!

Image result for firefighters shovelling snowPicture from Google Images
I went out to start shovelling the snow.  There was at least 8" on the driveway!  I managed to get one shovel width down to the road.  I was standing there taking a breather, thinking this is going to take me several hours to get this done.  A fire truck came slowly down the street. I smiled and waved at them.  A firefighter stuck his head out of the window and asked if I'd like some help.  I said I would really appreciate that.  Five firefighters came out of the truck with snow shovels.  They had the driveway cleared in five minutes.  Believe me, that act of kindness made my day!!  Love those firefighters!!!!
It's still snowing really hard so I'll be out there again in a couple of hours, but at least I won't have another 8" to deal with, all in one go-I hope!! 


  1. My goodness all that snow and the kindness of the firecrew is a delight.

    1. I was so grateful, it would have taken me hours!

  2. Heavens that's a lot of work . You'll be mighty glad when spring comes along!!

  3. Hello there Janice,
    I just found your lovely comment on my blog and I'm so touched that someone would want to read my witterings on! I'll reply to your comment tomorrow on my post. I just wanted to pop by here. HOLY SNOW!! That's epic proportion snow that I can only dream of! Bonus firefighter action too! I'm following your blog now so will be reading yours from the start! I love blogland xx
    Rachel x

  4. Wow, that's a lot of snow to shift even for burly firemen. Think our flutterings may have finally gone for the year now. Hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely. xx

  5. Phwoar! Firemen! Yum. Oh and how cool of them to help 😁