Wednesday, July 18, 2018


The poppies have gone crazy this year.  I have dozens of them.

I bought 2 blueberry bushes last year and planted them in the fall.  One of them has blueberries on it.  The other looked like it was getting blueberries but they turned brown and shriveled, so no berries there.

I bought two more bushes a few weeks ago and both have berries forming and this bush pictured had two ripe ones-one for me and one for DH!!

It will be 11 weeks tomorrow with the shingles.  It is actually PHN  (post herpetic neuralgia) now.  After weeks and weeks of excruciating pain it's finally starting to ease off.  I still get the pain but it isn't constant and it's usually when I have been out in the sun (heat), or when I've over done it.  I get periods off feeling good so I think I'll get 'whatever' done and then I pay for it later.  Still can't have a shower without paying for it later!  I'm starting to cut down on the meds.  What a slow process-I mean reducing one pill a week!  After three weeks I've gone from 21 pills a day down to 18!  I'm hoping to speed up this process a bit next week.
So much stuff to get done around here and none of it, or very little, getting done.  Very frustrating.
Bye for now.


  1. Terrible you have to live with that pain. Do hope it keeps on retreating.
    Love your two blueberries. A tasty tongueful

    1. It's a slow process but it is improving. Thanks

  2. Sorry to hear about the slow recovery. Pain is a dreadful thing to live with so praying you have a speedy recovery.

  3. Sorry to hear about the shingles I didn't realise, how awful for you. Someone mentioned on a blog post the other day about blueberries, I never knew they could be grown successfully in pots, I might try some.

    1. They wont survive over the winter in pots here. I will put them in the ground in the fall.

  4. So sad that you have had this awful thing!

    Glad you were getting a bit better.

    We had the shot. Have to ask, if we need a booster.