Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Another Year!!

 So this is what 72 looks like!!  It's been a rough year with this knee replacement.  I'm still waiting and hoping for a pain free day but that hasn't happened yet.  I'm told it takes a year so I've still got 41/2months to go!!  I did have a great birthday though.  DH took me out for a delicious supper.

Meanwhile, that morning poor Walker had to go through this.  He and mom and dad had gone to see the asthma specialist, after waiting many months for an appointment.  Of course, he didn't cough once while he was there but Kelsey had made a previous recording so the doctor would be able to see and hear him.  All she did was order a stronger puffer and send him for a chest xray.  This is him in the torture chamber xray contraption to have the xray taken.  He doesn't look very happy! Fortunately it didn't take very long and he got lots of cuddles after.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Poor wee boy, I hope the medicine helps.

  2. Poor Baby! He looks so pitiful. Good luck with your recovering knee! Thank you so much for all the British blogs! I come here, and do a jump off to my favorites. I would never have known about them if you didn't keep a list.

  3. Happy 72. Hope Walker's results help him. He vertainly looks uncomfortable

  4. Happy Birthday. I hope that Walker gets much better. That contraption does look darn uncomfortable.

    God bless.

  5. Hi Jan, I just noticed that you have listed my blog on your site? I love that you read it but could you remove the link? It is a private, invited reader only blog, thanks.... Lynda :)

    1. Oh no, don't be sorry... I just like to keep it as private as I can without being "private" if you know what I mean.