Monday, October 8, 2007

Thanksgiving/Columbus Day

Happy Thanksgiving and Columbus Day to all Canadian and U.S. bloggers.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at #1 son's house. He and DIL did an amazing job preparing the meal. There was, of course, the turkey (delicious), dressing, carrots and turnips, corn, mashed potatoes, cabbage rolls, gravy and buns. As if that wasn't enough, the selection of pies was pumpkin, apple, cherry, banana cream and pecan cranberry - oh my!!! The apples and cherries were from the DIL's parents trees on their acreage in Saskatchewan. Needless to say we were all stuffed at the end of that. There were 10 people, but enough food for twice that many!!! I forgot to take the camera so no pictures.

I do have pictures of another fabulous meal we had about a week ago though. My BFF invited my husband and I over for a belated birthday fondue. Her mom has been visiting from Ontario so there was the four of us. Again there was enough food for about 10 people.

We had 3 fondue pots going, two with oil and the third with swiss cheese. There was beef, chicken, ham, cocktail weiners, shrimp, bread for the cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, snap peas, radishes cherry tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and so many dips and dipping sauces I can't remember them all. To finish it all off there was a fabulous chocolate mousse cake with chocolate ice cream and lots of white wine throughout to help it all go down!
On Friday night #4 son, DIL and the grandchildren took us out for another belated birthday dinner. We went to a little Italian place called Nicko's Bistro. Very small, very trendy in the 'yuppy' area of town that they live in. I think the restaurant only seats about 40 people and you have to have a reservation or you won't get in. There were lots of people that were turned away as all tables were reserved. We started with calamari and ceasar salads. The calamari was cooked in a spicy sauce. None of us had had them cooked that way before and they were very good. We had two veal dishes, a salmon dish and manicotti which we all shared with the g'children. All dishes came with penne pasta in a red sauce. For dessert we had a creme caramel, chocolate mousse and apple strudel with ice cream. We were all very satisfied after the meal and the g'children were very good and they are only 3 and 6 years old. The 3 year old was adamant though that he wasn't going to sit in the high chair they had for him but he did settle for a booster seat!!!
Well, this posting is definitely of the 'one track' variety - food!!! It was all very good though and thoroughly enjoyed by all! 'Til next time - bye.


  1. Happy thanksgiving x

    Remember to invite me over next time you're having a dinner party, and I'll be on the next plane!

    Looks like you've had a great foody time lately, everything sounds really yummy. Fondue is such a great way to have a really sociable, fun dinner isn't it?

    Victoria x

  2. Gosh...that looks so nice. That's the kind of spread we used to have when I was a kid and there was a family get together or holiday or something. Nowadays (sadly) they rarely ever happen because the family is small and dotted all over the world. I really really miss this kind of thing...potlucks rule!

  3. Those meals sound amazing! Thankyou for visiting my blog. Since you ask, a brocante is a French antique shop.