Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Crafting!

Before you now it almost 4 weeks have gone by and no blogging has been happening. I've been reading all my favourite blogs everyday, getting lots of inspiration. I've had good intensions but no follow through! But here I am. So, what's new? Nothing too exciting. I'm now on my third cold since September-not impressed. The only good thing about that is that hopefully it will all be over and done with by Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas I'm sad to say I haven't made one handmade thing for Christmas - oh except for a pile of dishclothes. No sweaters knit for the g'children, no sewing or anything. Pretty bad I'd say!!!

I did do a little baking. I made some tourtierres that should be good for a few meals. But no treats baking done yet.

I'd love to say that the Christmas tree in the picture is mine and is in this house, but it's at son #4's house. We were there on Sunday for GD's 7th Birthday. For her birthday treat she had gone to 'Build a Bear' with her BFF and they made matching white poodles in matching red and white dresses. So cute! Other toys of 'the moment' are Tinkerbell anything and Little Pet Shop stuff. Her brother who is only 3 was not impressed that his sister got all this stuff and he only got one token present.

This is what he thought of the whole thing! It's sure hard to be 3!!!
I hope to get a start on the tree and other decorations in the next day are two and then I'll have more pictures.
Bye for now!

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  1. I've been an absent blogger too, it can be hard to keep up with blogging when we are all so busy with Christmas preperations can't it. Wishing you a happy Christmas.