Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sooooo Cold!!!!!

It is so cold here. Yesterday and today it was -29degrees C and with the wind chill it is -50. That is really cold. We had quite a bit of snow on Sunday and the roads are pretty slippery. A third of the student population at school has been absent. Parents don't want their kids riding on the school buses for a couple of hours and they are worried about breakdowns too. I'm so glad we have a garage and an automatic starter on the van. Makes a huge difference-no scraping!!! Just listening to the weather forecast it is supposed to warm up a bit by Thursday (-7) but we should get more snow tonight.

Finished another book. It is actually two books in one. I think most people have heard of the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood but I didn't know there was a book before it. I'm glad the first book was fairly short -2 hundred and some odd pages. I didn't really like it, it seemed to jump all over the place and had lots of characters. I only kept reading because I wanted to get to the second book. I found the second book way more interesting. Very interesting mother/daughter relationship.

This is just a short post as I haven't really done anything other than work, and read and watch tv. It's too cold to go anywhere. Hopefully more to say by the weekend.
Bye for now.


  1. Hi Janice,
    Thanks for stopping by. The cakes are very expensive. The starting price is £400 !!! I dont know what that one in particular would cost. I saw the film "ya-ya sisterhood" but I was disappointed with it. Maybe the book would be better, they usually are! Hope it warms up soon for you there.

  2. Oh Janice after a few days of blue skies and sunshine we too are back to freezing cold weather here in the UK. Brrr!

  3. Wow, it IS very cold! I'm staying inside for the opposite reason: it's 37C here today, as it has been for a few days.

    And thanks for visiting my blog too!