Sunday, August 26, 2007

How Could I Forget?

Talk about a blond moment. When I was talking about what I had done over the summer how could I forget the biggest job that we did. We completely redid our bedroom. We tore out the carpet, put in new laminate flooring, baseboards (hadn't had any of those for 25 years, but that's another story), painted and finished the molding around the ceiling. That was a whole weeks job! Do you think it was removed from my memory banks because I don't want to sleep in the guest bedroom again with the hard mattress? I think so.
Today the weather is miserable. It is raining and cool. It went down to 5 degrees last night. My tomatoes aren't going to ripen on the vine at that temperature. Pretty soon I'll have to cover them at night!! It isn't even September yet!!
Everyone have a nice Sunday. I'm off to do some laundry and hopefully some sewing. Bye


  1. I forget those major things too.

    thanks for commenting on the post over at maggiegracecreates.

    Hope this finds you having a wonderful day.

  2. Ooh laundry and decorating,seems we both had a busy weekend,love the views on your blog,gorgeous pics,
    Kat x