Saturday, January 12, 2008

Out of Touch!!

Here it is, 2 weeks into the new year and I haven't posted yet. Time flies!!! We have been back at school a week already, and it feels like we never left. It always takes the kids a while to get back into a routine when we have had time off so the past week was a little hairy to say the least!
Our kitchen for the program is finally finished (if you don't count the dishwasher that is leaking, the washing machine that the water doesn't go into, the paper towel dispenser that is too high, no soap dispensers, cupboards that are way too high and I'm sure I could come up with a few more things if you give me a minute). It was supposed to be ready by the time school started in September . Here we are, January, and we are finally going to start the lunch program next week and start cooking.
It's been a pretty tumultuous 4 months for the kids. New school, classrooms that didn't have dividing walls for weeks. We didn't have our sensory room for a couple of months. Then we had to move OUT of the classroom and into the half finished kitchen for a week so they could put new furnaces in the classrooms (portables). They are still in and out of the classroom fixing things, putting up bulletin boards and we still need baseboards and there's some painting still to be done. Maybe by next year it will all be finished!!
To add to all that we (the staff) have all been sick, off and on. I have had a cold every month so far. I had a cough and a cold the entire Christmas break and a 2 day migraine the weekend before we went back to work! It seems like every blog I read, they or someone in their family were sick over the holidays.
Enough of all that. Talk about out of touch. During the 80's I managed a yarn and craft store for 5 years. As you can well imagine, I have tons and tons of yarn etc. We won't even talk about the fabric store I managed after that. I received a gift certificate to a yarn store last Christmas and I had forgotten all about it. I discovered it in one of the recesses of my bag last week and thought I'd better get to that store and use it before they decided that it had expired. As luck would have it the store was closed for inventory!! But, the door was open so I went in. The staff just said hi, and let me wonder around. They offered me a glass of wine as they had been sipping and snacking as they counted yarn etc. This store was very different from the store I managed. This store was very sparse, had comfy couches and coffee tables. Yarn bins along one wall and a few stacked cubes in the middle of the store. There wasn't one textured, or knobby, or fluffy yarn in the store. Everything was very smooth, in different weights, colours and fibres. I guess I've been subjected to Michael's and the like for too long because when I saw the prices I had to do a couple of double takes. There were yarns that cost $49.95/50gm. hank.! Now granted it was cashmere but OMG how much would a sweater cost!!!!
This is what I bought.
2 skeins of Regia Silk. Made in Germany. 50gms/200m. 55% merino new wool, 25% Polyamid, and 20% silk. Very soft in a nice medium brown. The other 2 skeins of Supersocke Cotton. Made in Italy. 45% Cotton, 40% fleece wool, 15% Polyamid. I skein will make a pair of socks. For those 4 skeins I paid $57.97! Gulp! Am I out of touch or what?

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  1. Sounds like a great yarn store but too expensive for me, I wonder if the comfy sofas are for people to fall onto when they faint at the site of the prices lol.

    Sorry to hear that you have been ill so often, I too suffer from migraines, I have had them since childhood so I can totally sympathise with you.

    Racheal x