Sunday, September 29, 2019


 We had a busy month.  Some of the highlights were my birthday.  We went out for a shrimp feast. It was sooooo good!!

 The dessert was to die for.  

 We went to Vernon BC to visit son #1 and DIL.  They moved there 3 years ago.  They live about 30 meters from Okanagan Lake.

 The deer were regular visitors to their back yard.
 DIL ready to go out and spray for spiders.  They get quite a few, but they mainly stay outside, thank goodness.
 Had a couple of visits with my sister and her family.

 Went out for a delicious birthday supper at a Greek restaurant for Garry's birthday.

 Bought some beautiful Mum's for DIL Rhonda for their deck.  The plant is about 30" across and has over 2 hundred blooms on it.  It will last much longer there because they don't get the winters we get.
 They're munching away across the street. 
 And then we came home to this!!
 All my pots and hanging baskets are buried.

 I don't think the solar lights will come on!!
 There's a hanging basket under there!
 The water barrel!
I think all my tomatoes are buried under a mountain of snow and will end up in the green bin.
I hope it brightens up in October.  It's way too early for all this white crap!!!


  1. Looks like you and Garry both had lovely birthday celebrations.

    What a lovely place your son and DIL live. Amy would love to have deer wandering around the back garden and the lake view is stunning.

    Has the snow arrived earlier than usual or is there a chance it will melt before it falls again for the winter? xx

    1. Hopefully it will melt. There's no snow in the long range forecast for October, but we all know how accurate that can be. There's well over a foot of snow and it is wet and heavy. Hard shoveling!

  2. Yup .. that is why we moved to Kelowna .. although both born at the Royal Alex in Edmonton. Just like your son .. the deer often stop by to visit. 😊

    1. My sister also lives in Kelowna so we have had many visits out there for many years. My parents, at one time, lived in Peachland and then Kelowna before moving back to Calgary for their last 10 years or so. The snow is rapidly melting and there is no snow in the forecast for October, but we all know about long term forecasts,lol.

  3. We are just starting to get the snow on the eastern side of Saskatchewan. Not at all happy here.

    Potatoes are still in the ground!!

    God bless.

    1. Lethbridge area got a lot more snow than we did, 75cm or more!!! Hope your potatoes are okay, my tomatoes are looking very sad but they will go to the city compost to help some other plants next year!! I usually have the garden all cleaned up for winter before the first snow, not this year!

  4. Popping in to comment . That dessert creamy thing looks just gorgeous
    But the snow doesn't look so good.

    1. The snow is melting, but we face north so it will probably stay until spring on that side of the house. The dessert was soooooo good. Chocolate fudge brownie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and a cherry on top. Only about a million calories!!!!