Sunday, September 23, 2007


Today is the first day of fall and it is raining and a little chilly. It's supposed to get nicer during the week. Hopefully we will have an Indian summer. Lots of the trees are changing colour and loosing their leaves.

It didn't take very long being back at work before we all had colds. One of the students came back to school with a runny nose and before you now it 5 out of our 6 staff, including me, had a cold. It's been about 7 days now so hopefully it will be gone in a few more days.

Haven't done very much knitting this week. Really haven't felt like it. Spent most evenings watching tv or reading.
Dropped into V.V. a week or two ago and picked up 2 wool blankets.

Tried to find out about them on the web but couldn't find much, other than there was a slingby mill in Yorkshire many moons ago. I thought the price was pretty good. I washed them in hot water and they have started to felt a little bit, but I think I'll have to wash them a few more times for them to completely felt.
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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  1. Nice blankets, I love the colours.
    I know what you mean about not feeling like doing anything, I'm like that at the moment too. I work in a school too, and yes,the colds do seem to spread very easily no matter how careful you are. I'm very lucky, I rarely catch colds, but I've got a stinker now...I sat with a work experience lad we've got for the week in a small office and the whole time he coughed and sneezed. I could almost feel the germs spreading to me!